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3 more charade game ideas

For anybody planning to throw a 70s themed party and struggling to come up with some 70s themed games, no need to worry. There are plenty of fantastic and creative party games, activities, themes, and favors out there, and you only have to work out which ones are likely to delight your guests the most.

This handy guide to some of the best will help you put together the 70s themed party ideas.

Costume Contest – it does not matter how old you are, everybody likes to get a bit silly at a party. This game is the perfect way to draw guests in to competing against one another too. You just have to pick two people to be the models, and then have two teams competing to dress them the best – use 70s themed scarves, shoes, jewelry, coats, hats, and pants.

Lip Syncing Mania – the lip sync craze has gone viral, with some of the biggest celebrities in the world now regularly meeting on US television to square off and pull out their best moves. It is important to remember that this is not karaoke, and there should be no singing involved. The prize goes to the guest who can pull out the most entertaining (silent) performance.

Who Am I – this game is a party classic. You know the rules; everybody puts the name of a famous figure in a hat, the names are mixed up, and the hat is passed back around the room for everybody to pick one. Without looking at their own card, they must then tape it to their forehead or back. The aim of the game is to ask questions, until you know which famous person you are.

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