70s music and disco games

Games based on music from the 70s

If you want to throw the best 70s themed party of the year, you are going need to provide your guests with some nostalgic tunes. Fortunately, the seventies was a great time for music, and you have a lot to choose from – Elton John, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Al Green, Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, the Commodores, Stevie Wonder, and much more.

To make sure that the dance floor is always full at your party, follow these handy tips and tricks.

Hunting for Gold – one of the best places to find tunes for your 70s themed party is in the bargain sections of second hand music and film stores. They tend to have shelves full of great compilations, from all eras. So rifle through and pick out some pop, soul, or rock albums to suit the mood.

Turn It Down – the last thing that you want to have to do is turn down is the music, but it is useful to be able to dim the lights a little. It does not matter whether the dance floor is in a nightclub or in a front room, people are much more likely to get on their feet if they can find a dark corner to do some dance moves in.

Throw Some dance moves – if you are lucky enough to have a party full of very confident guests, you could host your own 70s themed dance off. As many people as you like could be involved at any one time, because the rules are simple – each contestant takes 30-60 seconds to show some of their best moves, and then a winner is declared.
Here’s a few charade party games to keep the theme going

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