70s Party Decorations

70s dancing at your party

Nothing is more enticing to would-be dancers than a hard surface dance floor area.You can set this up with a floor provider who will install and remove it. There is no surer way to create a true disco astmosphere in your house.

70s posters

Next up are posters. Line up the stars from the era including John Travolta, Abba, Charlies Angels and so on. Remeber, all these additionals add to the nostalgia

Buy some 70s beads we used to see the flower people wearing. That fad did ran into the 70s. So its is still authetic.
You can use them as decorations or actually wear them as part of a 70s outfit.

Do you remember those shaggy rugs? Well you can throw them over furniture to help build your theme.

Glitter ball for 70s parties

Really go the he whole hog and buy a large glitter ball.Perhaps ebay or online somewhere. You can visualise the effect one of these has, particularly if you shine a light on it. You have just recreated your event.

70s disco music

Finally, take a look online for 70s disco music. There’s plenty of it. The music glitter ball and dance fooor will absolutely set the scene for your 70s party. It’s worth the effort because your party will be remembered long after the event.

Karaoke for your party

As well as the disco event, set up another great interest, Karaoke, surely one of the most popular party inventions of all time.
To make it run well spend a little time in your older music sotres or market where they sell older music and gather together CD’s of the biggest and well known karaoke songs.
This works fantastically well if all guests come to the party in 70s gear. So you might suggest they wear headbands and 70s wigs. You will remember these when you see the photos.Here’s a few 70s party games you can play

Don’t leave out your pets.

Here’s a few ideas for bringing pooch to your party