Video shortie to show what 70s fashion you can create

Just published shortie on the latest styles to come into stock in costumes at youtube.

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Why does music have such an impact ?
Music is the love of the soul and stressed minds are relaxed with good music. Music also has the ability to make people dance. Music of all types lies buried in our memory. You only have to hear something on the radio to remember where you were and what you were doing 20 or 30 years ago. One writer said that there are two beautiful things introduced by man on this earth and those are “Maths and Music”. Artists may protest but there is a beauty in the symmetry of sound.

The 70s decade is known for the rise of disco. There are many other trends from the 70s, but disco music stands tall. People have made many lists for the best hits of 70s. We all have a list of songs of our all-time favourites. God created the best musicians and singers for this decade and it is really difficult to make a list of 100 or 1000 best hits as every song deserves to be at the top. Everyone has a different taste and sense of music and that is why we have different method of selecting personal favourites for the hit list.

There were other types of music also introduced in 70s. These included jazz fusion, rock, hard rock, funk, art rock, progressive, soul and smooth jazz etc but the disco music was very warmly welcomed by people across the globe. It did not restrict itself to Europe, and variants of disco music were introduced in America, Asia and Africa at the same time. Even today, people love to listen to disco music and many people maintain large libraries of music from the 70s.

Our site lists resources and ideas for 70s parties, whether that be a nostalgia party or simply those today wanting to recreate a decade that carried great influence.

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