90s fancy dress costumes

At the start of the 90s club-goers were gathering in places that were not mainstream.
Aircraft hangers and large fields were typical venues and attendances for raves, and they grew to as much as 20,000 people.
All that separated society in terms of political or football affiliations, were put aside in this new culture.

The fashion icon was Kate Moss.
Getting to know her personality was more interesting than the clothes she wore and perhaps was what helped propel
her to iconic status, something she still enjoys today.

In the States fashion brands were using early stars such as Mark Walberg to sell their underwear.
This was the start of movie driven promotions using personalities.

With so much to choose from it is not surprising that the fancy dress sector did very well .There was a richness of new trends such as overalls with straps down, roller blades and associated t/shirt and shorts, bleached hair and pants with 1 trouser log rolled up.

One of the biggest groups of the time were the spice girls. So many in the fashion industry today recall the influence they had on the fashion scene.
Parents would forbid certain garments paricularly dangerously uncomfortable shoes which led to all sorts of foot injuries. Emma Bunton’s broken ankle and
high heels which allegedly caused Victoria Beckam’s foot deformity, spring to mind.

The Spice Girls were a major sensation and had no compunction about using provocative fashion to enhance their visibility on the pop and fashion scene.

As is well known now , those early days had a big impact on the career of Victoria Beckham today in the world of fashion, where she is now established as a well-known brand.

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