Charlie bear costumes

Here’s a fun idea of you’ve ever thought of dressing up your pet pooch in a teddy bear costume.
It’s been done a few times before with hilarious results. But depending on your dog, the results will always be unique.

teddy bear costumes

Teddy bear costumes

You get all sorts of funny things happening like arms waving about as if they are real.
The best way to video your dog is to have him run straight towards you . Then all you see is his face surrounded by the teddy costume. It really looks as if he has become the teddy.
Dogs make natural actors because they are so comical and completely unaware of how they look.
If you do decide to make your own costume, take cell phone video and post it up here. There’s sure to be someone who chips on with some ideas on how to actually make the costume using fabrics you could buy locally.
There no reason poochie should be left out of next year’s Halloween celebrations.
There’s a great new range of teddy bears in the UK called Charlie bears, and they’ve been very popular with buyers. They took the idea of making limited editions of each of the teddies they produce, categorically telling people there will only be 1,000 of this or that style. But take a look for yourself at the cuteness.

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