Food Menus for Disco Parties

70s Themed Menu Ideas

If you are planning a themed party, you have to go all out. This includes the menu. The following list includes some of the most popular foods from the 70s that guests are sure to love today.
Anything in a Jello mold. During the 70s, Jello molds were all the rage. Seriously, it was not a party without one, so be sure to have one at your party.


Fondue became popular in the 70s, so this is a great option. You can cook some spicy chicken, teriyaki, or Mexican food and serve it with an array of cheese fondues. Not only do the pots act as serving ware, but they can also be used as a centerpiece. To make sure your guests are interacting with each other, put a different type of fondue on each table. Don’t forget about serving chocolate fondue for a delicious dessert.

Necco Wafers or Pop Tarts

Quiche: any flavor will do
Ambrosia Salad: This is a type of fruit salad that includes everything from fresh pineapple to maraschino cherries, strawberries, bananas, grapes, Mandarin oranges, mini marshmallows, coconut, and crushed pecans.
Tater tots: Yes, they are still loved today, but their deliciousness was first discovered in the 70s.
Bugles, Chex Mix, and Lays Chips (any flavor will do)
Ritz crackers topped with Cheese Whiz
Lipton Onion Dip (to go with the Lays potato chips)

Pigs in a Blanket

Meatballs topped with a jelly or jam sauce
Rumaki: Technically an appetizer that consists of water chestnuts and broiled, bacon wrapped marinated chicken livers, this was a favorite during the 70s. Stick a toothpick in them so they are easy to serve.
Hawaiian Punch and Tang were the drinks of choice during the 70s, so be sure to serve them at your party.
For a more mature party, serve Sangria, Harvey Wallbangers, and Cold Duck Champagne.

Just as you would at pretty much any party, opt for buffets filled with finger foods. This gives your guests the opportunity to eat as they mingle and dance.

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