Games for 70s Fancy Dress Parties

You may have been one who loved the 70s era and just a need reason to throw a party based on the theme. What would be energising for you is to build up your theme and activities for the night.
So we’ve put down some ideas for those who want to join in and remember the great days.

So start off with this favorite one.

Get everybody on the night to write down a difficult title or name on a piece of paper. These are then all gathered together into a bag.
Now form two teams of people.
One person from team 1 then picks a paper out of the bag. He is going to do a charade on this.
So he indicates with hand gestures only, what type of item it is. eg a film, book or music.
When his team gets the category he has to indicate how many words are in the title.
He then tells his team which word he will be starting with. (sometimes it’s much easier to start with the 3rd or 4th word because they can be quickly figured out)

Another way to do this if the team struggle to get started, is to hold your ear. This means the word sounds like…xyz
So all they have to do is throw out words until they get it.
Then it’s the next team’s turn.
As with all 70s games the fun is in what happens during the charade.

You can imagine that if there are posters on the wall and the house is full of memorabilia from the 70s then the whole theme of your party is re-inforced.

Figure out a prize for the winning team. Maybe a photo with a cut-out of a big 70s star.Maybe a free handout of 70s music you picked up at your local market.It will be cheap at the market but in the context of a 70s fancy dress event, it becomes much more valuable, and a great prize to win because they are actually winning something from your party.

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