How to Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween

Step by Step Guide on Pumpkin Carving

A carved pumpkin can illuminate a porch, add Halloween spirit to a garden, decorate a table or spruce up other indoor or outdoor areas with the halloween spirit. Fortunately, carving a pumpkin can be fun, rewarding and easy when you know how to do it. Before starting, create a comfortable work area, and place a bowl or trashcan nearby for discarding pumpkin pieces. These easy-to-follow steps will help you easily create a carved pumpkin.
Carve a pumkin for Halloween
Cutting the Pumpkin’s Top

Before carving your pumpkin, sketch a design or face on it. Include an area around the top of the pumpkin to cut, so it has a lid. Create an opening that will allow your hand to fit iside; this allows you to remove the pulp and seeds. A spoon, scoop or your hands, can clean the pumpkin’s interior. Scraping the interior along the sides can thin the pumpkin’s skin so that it is easier to cut your pumpkin’s face.

Use a small serrated knife in a saw-like motion to cut out a circular area around the pumpkin’s stem or top. Hold the pumpkin steady with one hand. Be careful to make sure your hands stay away from the moving knife. Loosen the top with the knife, and use your other hand to separate the top of the pumpkin from the gourd’s body.

Cutting the Eyes

Use a gentle sawing motion to cut out the eyes. When the first eye is fully carved, firmly push the carved piece towards the interior of the pumpkin. Follow the same procedure with the second eye. Use your hand to remove the eye pieces from the interior of the pumpkin, and place them in the bowl.

Cutting the Nose and Mouth

Cut the nose straight or on an angle. Loosen the nose with the knife, and push the nose out of the gourd with your hands. When you finish creating the nose, hold the pumpkin firmly with one hand while you use your other hand to cut the mouth with a large knife.

Remove the Mouth and Replace the Top

Push the mouth out of the pumpkin’s face using a knife or your fingers. Remove any pumpkin pieces from the interior. If desired, illuminate the pumpkin by placing a flashlight or electric candle inside. Put the lid on the pumpkin. Clean your work area. Choose an area to display your pumpkin.

Men’s 70s fashion represented in costumes of today

When it comes to costumes for men, there are not many choices available. Men today have taken a turn towards mixing and mingling different fashion trends such as vintage fashion and retro styling, trying to come up with something new to look hip, because for men there is mostly a suit or casual jeans and a shirt with a leather jacket.

So they embraced the casual style from the 70’s, also known as the hippie era. Loose shirts with ethnic prints of Mexico, India, the Far East, and other places on the hippie track were fairly popular. Over the years fashion trends for men haven’t changed much, there is a simple black suit with a dress shirt mostly white but now there are variations in the colour.

Thinking of the 70’s, there was perhaps more variation in the dress suit, the style back then was classic and made the men of that decade look unique. The dress coat in the 70’s had patterns on it, along with them were the famous bell bottoms, to compliment the look were the platform shoes or other ankle boots also known as dingo. In the 70’s the most famous style for men was the tuxedo which was worn by men a lot, the cheap colours like mauve, mint green or blue with ruffled shirts, which was not quite the look for men, but was in-fashion in the 70’s.

Fashion for men has always been precise, because with a little change in the trends a whole new look can be created.   In the 70’s, men usually dressed up as disco dancers, with shimmery shirts and high bell bottoms, but for the formal dressing they preferred high waist pants with printed patterns and full cuffs shirts, they also wore funky wigs, just for the sake of fashion trends back in the 70’s which were mostly hippie, it didn’t bother them because it made them look trendy even if they had to wear the frayed jeans with tie dye shirts and blouses.

There have been some poor results in every decade in fashion but people have always shown appreciation towards all sorts of funky and not so decent fashion ideas, they’ve worn them shown the world and have been adored by all. In short 70’s fashion was a great way to show off the freedom in your personality.

Charlie bear costumes

Here’s a fun idea of you’ve ever thought of dressing up your pet pooch in a teddy bear costume.
It’s been done a few times before with hilarious results. But depending on your dog, the results will always be unique.

teddy bear costumes

Teddy bear costumes

You get all sorts of funny things happening like arms waving about as if they are real.
The best way to video your dog is to have him run straight towards you . Then all you see is his face surrounded by the teddy costume. It really looks as if he has become the teddy.
Dogs make natural actors because they are so comical and completely unaware of how they look.
If you do decide to make your own costume, take cell phone video and post it up here. There’s sure to be someone who chips on with some ideas on how to actually make the costume using fabrics you could buy locally.
There no reason poochie should be left out of next year’s Halloween celebrations.
There’s a great new range of teddy bears in the UK called Charlie bears, and they’ve been very popular with buyers. They took the idea of making limited editions of each of the teddies they produce, categorically telling people there will only be 1,000 of this or that style. But take a look for yourself at the cuteness.

Video shortie to show what 70s fashion you can create

Just published shortie on the latest styles to come into stock in costumes at youtube.

See our channel for more styles

Why does music have such an impact ?
Music is the love of the soul and stressed minds are relaxed with good music. Music also has the ability to make people dance. Music of all types lies buried in our memory. You only have to hear something on the radio to remember where you were and what you were doing 20 or 30 years ago. One writer said that there are two beautiful things introduced by man on this earth and those are “Maths and Music”. Artists may protest but there is a beauty in the symmetry of sound.

The 70s decade is known for the rise of disco. There are many other trends from the 70s, but disco music stands tall. People have made many lists for the best hits of 70s. We all have a list of songs of our all-time favourites. God created the best musicians and singers for this decade and it is really difficult to make a list of 100 or 1000 best hits as every song deserves to be at the top. Everyone has a different taste and sense of music and that is why we have different method of selecting personal favourites for the hit list.

There were other types of music also introduced in 70s. These included jazz fusion, rock, hard rock, funk, art rock, progressive, soul and smooth jazz etc but the disco music was very warmly welcomed by people across the globe. It did not restrict itself to Europe, and variants of disco music were introduced in America, Asia and Africa at the same time. Even today, people love to listen to disco music and many people maintain large libraries of music from the 70s.

Our site lists resources and ideas for 70s parties, whether that be a nostalgia party or simply those today wanting to recreate a decade that carried great influence.