Games for 70s Fancy Dress Parties

You may have been one who loved the 70s era and just a need reason to throw a party based on the theme. What would be energising for you is to build up your theme and activities for the night.
So we’ve put down some ideas for those who want to join in and remember the great days.

So start off with this favorite one.

Get everybody on the night to write down a difficult title or name on a piece of paper. These are then all gathered together into a bag.
Now form two teams of people.
One person from team 1 then picks a paper out of the bag. He is going to do a charade on this.
So he indicates with hand gestures only, what type of item it is. eg a film, book or music.
When his team gets the category he has to indicate how many words are in the title.
He then tells his team which word he will be starting with. (sometimes it’s much easier to start with the 3rd or 4th word because they can be quickly figured out)

Another way to do this if the team struggle to get started, is to hold your ear. This means the word sounds like…xyz
So all they have to do is throw out words until they get it.
Then it’s the next team’s turn.
As with all 70s games the fun is in what happens during the charade.

You can imagine that if there are posters on the wall and the house is full of memorabilia from the 70s then the whole theme of your party is re-inforced.

Figure out a prize for the winning team. Maybe a photo with a cut-out of a big 70s star.Maybe a free handout of 70s music you picked up at your local market.It will be cheap at the market but in the context of a 70s fancy dress event, it becomes much more valuable, and a great prize to win because they are actually winning something from your party.

Print out 70s fashion styles and inspire yourself to get creative

Most of the time selecting the right costume for a 70s fancy dress party can be difficult. We can make a better choice without any stress. Just take a trip down to your local store.

When you are developing your wardrobe it is easier to go into a costume shop and get a costume there and then with no delivery hassles. Much easier to select the right wig that will complete your costume for the party. Choosing the right costume is simplified when you can see a range of options and matching prices. No need to try and imagine what something would look like as you scan through web sites. Actually wearing the costume and its accessories is so much simpler. Does the wig match? Is the colour right? Does this neck scarf add or detract? Does this piece of jewellery add to the allure of the total outfit. Much easier to do this when you are in the physical store.

Also in any good store items are clearly marked with the price. So if you see something very striking from the 70s you can also do a quick check to make sure it is within your budget. You may be able to put something together much more cheaply than the shop itself. After all, the fashion industry is a buzz withy cheap add ons and pieces of clothing that when put together with some creativity, actually looks very attractive. We don’t need to leave it up the outfit maker to come up with ideas which we might know better ourselves.

Perhaps it never occurred to you that creating your look may be such an enjoyable and creative pursuit. But why not? We are inundated with fashion programs on tv showing hosts making up outfits by putting together things that we did not think of. If they can do it so can we. All we need to do is get into the mind set of the 70s and start looking for things to suit. And if you are in the right environment it is so much easier. The magazine or artwork showing the styles from this genre are easily found on the web. Print them out and take the along on your big day out.

90s fancy dress costumes

At the start of the 90s club-goers were gathering in places that were not mainstream.
Aircraft hangers and large fields were typical venues and attendances for raves, and they grew to as much as 20,000 people.
All that separated society in terms of political or football affiliations, were put aside in this new culture.

The fashion icon was Kate Moss.
Getting to know her personality was more interesting than the clothes she wore and perhaps was what helped propel
her to iconic status, something she still enjoys today.

In the States fashion brands were using early stars such as Mark Walberg to sell their underwear.
This was the start of movie driven promotions using personalities.

With so much to choose from it is not surprising that the fancy dress sector did very well .There was a richness of new trends such as overalls with straps down, roller blades and associated t/shirt and shorts, bleached hair and pants with 1 trouser log rolled up.

One of the biggest groups of the time were the spice girls. So many in the fashion industry today recall the influence they had on the fashion scene.
Parents would forbid certain garments paricularly dangerously uncomfortable shoes which led to all sorts of foot injuries. Emma Bunton’s broken ankle and
high heels which allegedly caused Victoria Beckam’s foot deformity, spring to mind.

The Spice Girls were a major sensation and had no compunction about using provocative fashion to enhance their visibility on the pop and fashion scene.

As is well known now , those early days had a big impact on the career of Victoria Beckham today in the world of fashion, where she is now established as a well-known brand.

Food Menus for Disco Parties

70s Themed Menu Ideas

If you are planning a themed party, you have to go all out. This includes the menu. The following list includes some of the most popular foods from the 70s that guests are sure to love today.
Anything in a Jello mold. During the 70s, Jello molds were all the rage. Seriously, it was not a party without one, so be sure to have one at your party.


Fondue became popular in the 70s, so this is a great option. You can cook some spicy chicken, teriyaki, or Mexican food and serve it with an array of cheese fondues. Not only do the pots act as serving ware, but they can also be used as a centerpiece. To make sure your guests are interacting with each other, put a different type of fondue on each table. Don’t forget about serving chocolate fondue for a delicious dessert.

Necco Wafers or Pop Tarts

Quiche: any flavor will do
Ambrosia Salad: This is a type of fruit salad that includes everything from fresh pineapple to maraschino cherries, strawberries, bananas, grapes, Mandarin oranges, mini marshmallows, coconut, and crushed pecans.
Tater tots: Yes, they are still loved today, but their deliciousness was first discovered in the 70s.
Bugles, Chex Mix, and Lays Chips (any flavor will do)
Ritz crackers topped with Cheese Whiz
Lipton Onion Dip (to go with the Lays potato chips)

Pigs in a Blanket

Meatballs topped with a jelly or jam sauce
Rumaki: Technically an appetizer that consists of water chestnuts and broiled, bacon wrapped marinated chicken livers, this was a favorite during the 70s. Stick a toothpick in them so they are easy to serve.
Hawaiian Punch and Tang were the drinks of choice during the 70s, so be sure to serve them at your party.
For a more mature party, serve Sangria, Harvey Wallbangers, and Cold Duck Champagne.

Just as you would at pretty much any party, opt for buffets filled with finger foods. This gives your guests the opportunity to eat as they mingle and dance.