70s Party Decorations

Plan Your Decorations to Make Your Party a Big Success

If you are planning a 70s themed party, you are in luck. There are numerous ways to turn your modern home into a 1970s party den. For example:
You can’t go wrong with a disco themed personalized banner at the front door. You definitely get bonus points if you get an amazing life-size cutout of the guest of honor (or yourself) dressed straight out of the 70s to greet your guests at the door.
Beaded curtains are straight out of the 70s, so be sure to use them to flank your doorways.
You have to set the mood with lights. Turn off the overhead lights and plug in the black lights and lava lamps.

You obviously can’t have a 70s party without making sure you have 70s music playing all night.

From Abba’s Dancing Queen to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody there is plenty of great music to choose from.

To set a funky mood, hand out groovy disco ball necklaces or sunglasses to your guests as they arrive.
Hang disco themed scene setters or Disco dancer rooms rolls on the wall.
Head to your closest thrift stores to score some inexpensive 70’s chairs and shag rugs. Use them to stage a small lounge area where everyone can sit and chat.

You have to hang an array disco balls in various sizes and colors from the ceiling.
Light up smiley face balloons, either alone or in bouquets, will only add to the party ambiance.
Incense was popular during the 70s, so light some incense or candles with a favorite 70s fragrance, such as Avon’s Blue Grass and Pretty Peach, for a wonderfully scented room.

Use your DVD player to play class 70s music in the background.

Opt for Saturday Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, or anything else that will get your party started and keep it going well into the night.

For a real treat, make sure you give each guest a Pet Rock that includes a name, personality, and preferences. This is also a great way to give people assigned seats if you are planning a dinner party.

70s Table Decorations

You can liven up your table with balloons. To make them really stand out, fill your balloons with sand, tie them closed with a variety of colored ribbons, and wrap a tiedyed bandana around them. Make sure your balloons are at varying heights. As an added touch, throw disco themed confetti around the room and on the tables.
For a cool and unique themed centerpiece, grab a few Disco balls to use as a base. Of course, you have to use disco themed table covers, cups, plates, napkins, and more.

70s Disco Party Invitations

Arranging a 70s party

From groovy disco clubs blasting Abba, the Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor, and Donna Summer to huge bell bottoms, plaids, leisure suits, and the “Farrah Mane”, the 70s were an amazing decade. Today, the 70s is the perfect theme for an outrageously fun and crazy party that everyone will enjoy. From twinkling disco balls, “far out” decorations, Peaches & Herb or Lionel Richie on the record player, and polyester dresses and leisure suits , the decade was a time for exploration, discovery, and great parties. Now, you can recapture the fun of the 70s with your own disco party. Here are some 70s disco party ideas that you can use to plan a party everyone will be talking about for years.

Party Invitations for Older Folk

A fun and creative invitation is an absolute must to set your party’s mood. Here are a few ideas to choose from:
Disco and Skates: In the 70s, if you were not hanging out at the disco, you could be found at the skating rink.
Disco Ball Invitation: Simple, yet fun. Just customize the invite with your information.
Disco Theme Caricature Invitation: These amazing invites are drawn by talented artists to your specifications. They will definitely catch your guest’s attention.
Disco Guy or Girl: Add a caricature face or photo to these 70s dance bods and customize with your party info.

For an added touch, attach your party info to a smiley face beanbag or cuddly plush and hand deliver them to guests. You will absolutely catch their attention.
If you are a really creative person and have the time, why not find some of the 70s beloved 8track tapes and attach labels with your party info on the back of the tape? Everyone will love them, but you’ll have to get creative to find 8tracks. Searching online and hitting up local garage sales are your best bet.
Invitation Wording

The 70s had their own slang that is perfect for wording a 70s themed invitation.
For example:
Peace, Love, and Parties! Join us for a 70s Blast from the Past Costume Party!
What it is, what it Was? It’s a 70s Disco Party!
Break Out Your Bell Bottoms, Platforms, and Polyester! You’re Invited to Our 70s Blast From the Past Costume Party!

Disco Will Never Die!
Let’s Relive Tom’s Favorite Decade While We Celebrate His 50th Birthday!
Right On! In Honor of Sam’s 30th, We are Bringing the 70s Back!
In Honor of Sam’s 30th, We are Taking a Trip Back to the 70s!
Will Jill Freak Out or Think It’s Far Out? We’re Surprising Jill for her 40th Birthday!

It’s not a 70s party without the right clothes, so instruct your guests to come dressed in their 70s best. From the infamous leisure suit to gigantic bell bottoms, big belts with even bigger buckles, and polyester wrap dresses with crazy patterns, there are plenty of options. You can also opt to have them come dressed as their favorite 70s character, such as Marsha or Greg Brady, Mary Tyler Moore, Shaggy and Scooby, the Partridge Family, George Jefferson, Starsky and Hutch, Ponch, Kojack, and Fred or Lamont Sanford. There is definitely no shortage of great characters to choose from.

Hen bingo party game

You will need a pack of bingo cards and and pens to play this game.
Everyone can join in.
At the start of your evening, pass out a bingo card to everyone at your gig.
The way this works is just like going to the bingo palace.
You are going to call out a series of words to do with your party, or party type words and people are going to cross these words off thier card, if it exists.

So you can make up your own list but words you might call out are:

fancy dress costume

The first person who completes a line of cross outs (horizontally or diagonally) is the winner.
The winner gets to sing the first karaoke of the night, when you get round to playing karaoke.
(Tell them the prize AFTER they won the bingo. They might not want to be the first to sing !!)

You can twist this to suit the typeof party you are throwing. If you are going out for a drink then to the dance club, dressed in some sort of fancy dress, then the winner might have to go up to people in the street, shake a tin can and ask for contributions for the bride.

Charade games

3 more charade game ideas

For anybody planning to throw a 70s themed party and struggling to come up with some 70s themed games, no need to worry. There are plenty of fantastic and creative party games, activities, themes, and favors out there, and you only have to work out which ones are likely to delight your guests the most.

This handy guide to some of the best will help you put together the 70s themed party ideas.

Costume Contest – it does not matter how old you are, everybody likes to get a bit silly at a party. This game is the perfect way to draw guests in to competing against one another too. You just have to pick two people to be the models, and then have two teams competing to dress them the best – use 70s themed scarves, shoes, jewelry, coats, hats, and pants.

Lip Syncing Mania – the lip sync craze has gone viral, with some of the biggest celebrities in the world now regularly meeting on US television to square off and pull out their best moves. It is important to remember that this is not karaoke, and there should be no singing involved. The prize goes to the guest who can pull out the most entertaining (silent) performance.

Who Am I – this game is a party classic. You know the rules; everybody puts the name of a famous figure in a hat, the names are mixed up, and the hat is passed back around the room for everybody to pick one. Without looking at their own card, they must then tape it to their forehead or back. The aim of the game is to ask questions, until you know which famous person you are.

I’m Rover your dog. Don’t leave me out of the costume party games