Hen bingo party game

You will need a pack of bingo cards and and pens to play this game.
Everyone can join in.
At the start of your evening, pass out a bingo card to everyone at your gig.
The way this works is just like going to the bingo palace.
You are going to call out a series of words to do with your party, or party type words and people are going to cross these words off thier card, if it exists.

So you can make up your own list but words you might call out are:

fancy dress costume

The first person who completes a line of cross outs (horizontally or diagonally) is the winner.
The winner gets to sing the first karaoke of the night, when you get round to playing karaoke.
(Tell them the prize AFTER they won the bingo. They might not want to be the first to sing !!)

You can twist this to suit the typeof party you are throwing. If you are going out for a drink then to the dance club, dressed in some sort of fancy dress, then the winner might have to go up to people in the street, shake a tin can and ask for contributions for the bride.

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