How to Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween

Step by Step Guide on Pumpkin Carving

A carved pumpkin can illuminate a porch, add Halloween spirit to a garden, decorate a table or spruce up other indoor or outdoor areas with the halloween spirit. Fortunately, carving a pumpkin can be fun, rewarding and easy when you know how to do it. Before starting, create a comfortable work area, and place a bowl or trashcan nearby for discarding pumpkin pieces. These easy-to-follow steps will help you easily create a carved pumpkin.
Carve a pumkin for Halloween
Cutting the Pumpkin’s Top

Before carving your pumpkin, sketch a design or face on it. Include an area around the top of the pumpkin to cut, so it has a lid. Create an opening that will allow your hand to fit iside; this allows you to remove the pulp and seeds. A spoon, scoop or your hands, can clean the pumpkin’s interior. Scraping the interior along the sides can thin the pumpkin’s skin so that it is easier to cut your pumpkin’s face.

Use a small serrated knife in a saw-like motion to cut out a circular area around the pumpkin’s stem or top. Hold the pumpkin steady with one hand. Be careful to make sure your hands stay away from the moving knife. Loosen the top with the knife, and use your other hand to separate the top of the pumpkin from the gourd’s body.

Cutting the Eyes

Use a gentle sawing motion to cut out the eyes. When the first eye is fully carved, firmly push the carved piece towards the interior of the pumpkin. Follow the same procedure with the second eye. Use your hand to remove the eye pieces from the interior of the pumpkin, and place them in the bowl.

Cutting the Nose and Mouth

Cut the nose straight or on an angle. Loosen the nose with the knife, and push the nose out of the gourd with your hands. When you finish creating the nose, hold the pumpkin firmly with one hand while you use your other hand to cut the mouth with a large knife.

Remove the Mouth and Replace the Top

Push the mouth out of the pumpkin’s face using a knife or your fingers. Remove any pumpkin pieces from the interior. If desired, illuminate the pumpkin by placing a flashlight or electric candle inside. Put the lid on the pumpkin. Clean your work area. Choose an area to display your pumpkin.

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