Party Decorations and Invitations

70s party decorations

To make your party really take off, take some time to pick really catchy inviations.
It’s just that little bit of attention to detail that will make your event special.
Decorations are what we have in mind for your table top and walls, that add to the atmosphere.

Find a blank card with 1 simple icon on it eg a disco ball.
With a suitable market write up wording to inlcude 70s words, like “Far out Party coming your way”, “Ready to groove ?” etc
The usual detail such as where and when the party will be and what you’re celebrating.

Now add in the biggie “dont forget to come dressed in your 70s gear” and suggest pvc boots, afro wigs, tight trousers and so on.

You could also include a list of the things you are going to be doing at the party.

At the party set it up with the best music that’s most likely to get them to sing along.
You just need to look through these CD racks to recall the best ones.

Good 70s themes

A good theme for your invite is to go psychedelic. So you need to be thinking of bright loud colours. These can be the theme to your event reproduced in posters and decorations your room.
Pleny of groovy fonts are available online that you can download and use.
(Octopuss comes to mind) Curvy balloonly shapes.
You might remember the words we used at the time such as “far out” or “groovy”.
Work them into your wording.

Extra elements on your invite could be flowers and guitars, easily dowloaded from the internet.
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