Print out 70s fashion styles and inspire yourself to get creative

Most of the time selecting the right costume for a 70s fancy dress party can be difficult. We can make a better choice without any stress. Just take a trip down to your local store.

When you are developing your wardrobe it is easier to go into a costume shop and get a costume there and then with no delivery hassles. Much easier to select the right wig that will complete your costume for the party. Choosing the right costume is simplified when you can see a range of options and matching prices. No need to try and imagine what something would look like as you scan through web sites. Actually wearing the costume and its accessories is so much simpler. Does the wig match? Is the colour right? Does this neck scarf add or detract? Does this piece of jewellery add to the allure of the total outfit. Much easier to do this when you are in the physical store.

Also in any good store items are clearly marked with the price. So if you see something very striking from the 70s you can also do a quick check to make sure it is within your budget. You may be able to put something together much more cheaply than the shop itself. After all, the fashion industry is a buzz withy cheap add ons and pieces of clothing that when put together with some creativity, actually looks very attractive. We don’t need to leave it up the outfit maker to come up with ideas which we might know better ourselves.

Perhaps it never occurred to you that creating your look may be such an enjoyable and creative pursuit. But why not? We are inundated with fashion programs on tv showing hosts making up outfits by putting together things that we did not think of. If they can do it so can we. All we need to do is get into the mind set of the 70s and start looking for things to suit. And if you are in the right environment it is so much easier. The magazine or artwork showing the styles from this genre are easily found on the web. Print them out and take the along on your big day out.

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