Research shows why 70s music lives on

I am a young guy who loves present day music. But I found that young and old alike, listen to 70s music and this has not died out as have other fads of the past. I always wondered why older folk always go on about 70s music and why it still lives on in today’s world. I already knew a little about the 70s fashion scene and how you could buy fancy dress costumes online. But i wanted to know exactly why it is such a big deal. I decided to do some research and listen to the famous songs of the decade. I was on vacation from college and luckily had the time to do this research. I collected old books, CDs containing 70s music and also did a thorough research on the internet. I also talked with old and young fellows who loved 70s music.

After my research I have concluded that the 70s music is different to what had been before. Perhaps this is why people it. We cannot say that the lovers of this music are only those who grew up listening to it but somehow it has never grown old and is still listened to by people of all decades as time passes by. At many events and functions only 70s music is played and many singers have derived their present day music from the era.

Music of 70s has associated itself with the events of our lives. Each song we love has some special association with an event of the past. Birthday songs, first date dance songs and our first driving day song played in the car are few examples of such events.
During the 70s, everything started changing and so did the music. Singers especially in the form of groups, came on the scene. TV had been introduced into the home and almost every family owned a TV set by the time the 70s arrived. TV introduced these singers who wrote and performed some really well-written songs. Records also became widely available and many people own these records today and are very proud of their collections.

Those lovely songs of the 70s were recorded and played again and again on air and on TV. People grew up listening to them in their leisure time and at discos and other party type events. This is part of the reason these songs have not died and still live on. 70s music will live on and will be loved by many generations of the future. Great ideas for tying up music and costumes of the 70s